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A Brief Introduction...
SIMQUIP is a small, wholly Australian owned business that produces a range of simulator products for use in low to high end simulation. We specialise in production of B737-NG and A320 assemblies and sub assemblies not to mention our range of hard to get parts for your flightdeck. Budget conscious pricing, high quality products, along with our realistic delivery times makes SIMQUIP a premier provider of affordable simulator equipment. We can provide all your needs from initial concept through to certification. This site is your one stop web address for an extensive range of essential parts and about everything in aircraft simulation. If you dont see it here, just ask....
Please note All quoted prices are in €Euro

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This site is still being constructed.
If you can’t find a product that we have had previously, don’t worry we are still putting our new and very complex site together. Your product will be available soon. If you can’t find an item, just email us at Simquip Sales
Alternatively you can find our
old site here

Price challenge!
If you have received a quotation for any part including a flightdeck or simulator from one of our competitors, Simquip will undercut the quoted price by at least 10%. Simply forward the full quote from the other vendor and we will send the quote back to you with our 'special ' price.Send quotes to simquip sales.

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NG style Map light released.
We have released a NG style map light to replace the Jurassic style of map light previously offered on our site.
The new style of light is not only brighter,but is in keeping with the fidelity and style of the newer generation of flightdecks.
To check out the new map
light go here.
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Customers can pay us for goods via Paypal or direct bank transfer. Most customers prefer to use Paypal because it is fast and offers the customer a high degree of buyer protection.
Some items such as flightdeck orientation (Captain or First Officer side) are no cost options. This includes options like colour. The Paypal shopping cart will not accept options with no cost, so we have to give these items a value, so we make their cost the smallest value possible which is .01 € . If you object to this tiny charge, we will be happy to refund this amount after you place an order with us.
Once we receive payment for an order we either;
  • commence production immediately
  • Allocate a production time slot so that production can commence at the next available opportunity.

If there is going to be a substantial delay in obtaining a time slot, we will always advise the customer in writing and seek permission for extended time to commence production.
Under the terms and conditions of trade we are obliged to offer repair, replacement or refund.
See more on this subject here.
Items posted for destinations within Australia automatically come with tracking.International orders under 1000 Euro do not have tracking, but tracking can be requested for an additional charge. Orders over 1000 € come with tracking.
The Australian Dollar (AUD) is not a widely traded currency on the world market. Most customers are more comfortable buying in their own currency. Since most of our customers originate from Europe, it makes sense for us to trade in a currency they immediately recognise. Even if you do not use the € to purchase with, we have a currency converter on every item listing.
No, shipping costs are calculated when you checkout. Once you arrive at the Paypal checkout page you will clearly see the cost of shipping your items.
It means that the item will be dispatched 14 days After Receipt of Order. Other item lead times are;
7 days ARO
21 days ARO

An item with ‘dispatch immediate’ is an off the shelf item and usually will be in the mail on the same day.
‘Simquip is a Portmanteau of the words Simulator Equipment

Made in Australia

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