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Full flight simulators are expensive and usually out of reach of all but a few training organisations. Our B737-800 simulator represents a point of compromise between full motion,zero flight time training devices and cost. With a large array of options, you can build a system to suit your immediate requirements and upgrade using Simquip's modular design system when budget allows. Using our system it is possible to have a basic simulator on your premises for well under $500,000. The simulator is provided as a turnkey system and works out of the box. Complex simplicity would be a strange way to describe one of these systems, but thats exactly what it is. Operating costs of one of our simulators is astoundingly low due to the following;

Few specialised staff required
Due to the simple, but reliable systems employed on our simulators, breakdowns are few. A list of over specified components means that they have a long reliable working life. and require minimal involvement from technical staff

Robust, reliable systems
All of our control systems come with a 15 year warranty. We provide this because we can. By using superior components and design techniques, we can offer reliability and warranties that other companies would fear.Simulators are designed to perform malfunctions and not be them.

Ultra low power consumption
As a testimony to its efficient design, this simulator has one of the lowest power consumptions of any flight training device in the world. Without staffing, and maintenance provision, our simulator costs approximately 75 cents an hour to run including the running cost of the optional Enviri-pac Air-conditioning unit; although this estimate will vary with local electricity charges. The simulator requires just one single phase wall socket for operation. No Electrician needed to wire up.
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Having a simulator that dismantles just like the real aircraft is important from a design standpoint. Just as in airlines operation, quick access to serviceable areas is of paramount importance. Simquip employs as much of this design philosophy as possible plus some. One standard inclusion on our simulators is the front access door which allows unchallenged access to the rear of the main instrument panel and some flight controls. Other standard features include all swinging overhead panels and the first officers fuse enclosure which swings out of the way allowing un-encumbered access to this seating position. Almost everything on the flightdeck is removable and dis-mantalable. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not centralise our electronics. Each panel has its own electronics board. The benefit of this is that if one board malfunctions, it only affects that panel. The cheaper way that others build is to have one electronics board service many panels. This means that if one electronics board fails it deletes many panels from the system and possibly puts the entire simulator out of commission.
Intelligent IOS
The Instructor Operators Station(IOS) should be more than just a fancy panel to spring malfunctions on trainees. Our IOS design is much more than that. From its commanding touch screen, the user can diagnose almost every problem on the simulator including board, airconditioner and communications malfunctions. Even updates to the IOS software can be uploaded via its interface. If a board on a panel fails on the simulator, a warning will appear on the IOS and notify the user of the problem including the board type. Importanτ information such as technician contact details are displayed on the screen for quick reference.

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B737-800 Simulator Options

Β737-800 picture gallery
The following options and pricing are available for the B737-800 simulator.
Active Control Loading                            Night Operations package
Passive Control loading                          Autoflight package
Active gauge package
Aft Overhead panels array
Single channel visual system
Active electronics package
In its most basic form, factory built B737-800 simulators come with no electronics or host interfaces. The Active electronics package provides a way to make the simulator come 'alive' by adding a complete control -to-host interface as well as providing host feedback from all knobs, switches and encoder devices. Included in the package is an array of over 120 illuminated indicators representing all of the warning and advisory indicators on the flightdeck. This option also includes A host computer  preloaded with our Flightdeck management software. Once communicating with the flightdeck, the software interacts with the flightdeck to simulate the flightdeck from a cold, dark start to engine shutdown. In summary the following is provided with the Active electronics package;

  • Panel to host interfaces
  • Flight & engine control interfaces
  • Active MCP & EFIS panels
  • All Flightdeck indicators
  • Flightdeck  management software
  • Active CDU & FMS systems
  • Full Colour PFD LCD displays
  • Full functioning GPWS
  • 6 speaker sound system                                                     POA
Passive control loading
Active Control Loading
Active gauge package
Aft overhead  panels array
Single channel visual system
Please note: this option does not allow programming malfunctions  or flying conditions. refer to the IOS option
IOS (Instructor Operating Station)
Autoflight package
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The Instructor Operator Station (IOS)adds a brand new dimension to this training aid as it provides the instructor with over 8million combinations of malfunctions, weather conditions, and airports. All simulator programming is accessed via a forward facing touch screen. The IOS also includes a height adjustable chair and work desk with ample space for note taking. Failures and malfunctions can be initiated  immediately or at a determined condition. The feature list of the IOS is too extensive to list here, except to say that it is the same IOS package provided on our most expensive simulators. The Active electronics package is required for this option and it cannot be ordered in isolation
                                                            For this option add US$78,000
Control loading is an essential part of the pilot/aircraft relationship and provides a real world understanding of what the airplane is doing. Our proprietary CL system has been developed over many years as a low cost solution to the ever more expensive problem of control loading. It is a 3 channel system that runs on low voltage but is able to generate loads of up to 250kgs( 550lbs) making it suitable for all axis including yaw. The CL system comes  factory installed and correctly set up. Calibration is performed through the maintenance program on the IOS. IOS option required       For this option add US $38,000
Our Passive CL system is a 3 axis basic system that provides approximate feel to the flight controls. Where the budget is tight and your needs do not call for high fidelity control loading, this system makes an excellent alternative to the more expensive active control loading as it still provides the pilots with control dampening, but is not speed and trim reactive.      POA
This option provides a complete shipset of medium fidelity analog gauges for the flightdeck. All gauges are represented including duct pressure,cabin alt and the standby instruments and are facelit for night operations. This package cannot be purchased without the Active electronics package.
.      For this option add US$42,000
Night Operations package
The Basic simulator comes standard with only the P5 overhead fwd panels array. This option provides for the aft overhead P5 panels.If ordered with the active electronics package all panel elements are fully populated and functional including;
  • IRS display unit
  • IRS mode selector
  • LED panel
  • Stall warning & test unit
  • EEC & oxygen panels                                              For this panel array add US $72,000
                                                If only dummy panels are required add US$18,000
The Autoflight package links devices such as MCP,FMS,Autothrottle into an integrated  device array. It also includes hardware such as Autothrottles and FMS controlled stab trim to the simulator equipment.Once integrated the simulator can be under FMC control from the first TOGA actuation to Autoland and ILS capture. The package includes;
  • 2 channel Autothrottle AFE AT2 system installed and calibrated.
  • FMC controlled FADEC.
  • Full FMS/MCP integration.
  • Comprehensive CDU & INS integration                       For this option add US$61,000
If you are intending to use the simulator for Day/Dusk/Night operations then the Night operations option is a must as it adds many enhancements to the simulator such as dimmable light balanced lightplates for all panels. it also adds more discrete features such as map lights and panel flood lighting the night operation package includes the following flightdeck enhancements;
  • fully dimmable lightplates
  • Avionincs stand and MIP floodlighting
  • Capt & FO Map Lights
  • Fully operational light dimmer panels
  • EFIS & MCP glareshield LED lighting            For this option add US$26,000
If you need to take your simulator to the next level then consider the option of our visual system. The system consists of a single, overhead mounted, high output LCD projector coupled to a factory modified IG unit. The projector displays a 110 degree external view and because of the high output and short throw of the projector can be used in even the brightest areas. As part of the visual system, we provide a highly portable, robust projection screen  designed to enhance the immersive experience. The visual system must be used with the active electronics system and includes;
a non -collimated projection system
a segmented high efficiency projection screen
high output LCD projector
custom modified IG Unit
                                                            For this option add US$28,000


This is without a doubt the most affordable way to get a high quality, reliable simulator into your establishment without breaking the bank. We've done all of the hard work and its now your turn to make a simulator like this go to work for your organisation as a money making machine.

Features include;

  • Low acquisition price
  • Reliable, simple design.
  • Very sturdy, reliable control systems.
  • 15 year warranty on flight control system.
  • All systems replicated.
  • Intelligent IOS.
  • Turn-key simulator.
  • Modular systems design.
  • Scalable cost commitment.
  • High fidelity flightdeck.
  • Large array of options.

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